Modern Noise

Role: WordPress Developer


In my role as a WordPress Developer, I handled a diverse array of tasks that demanded both technical acumen and creative thinking to successfully manage and elevate various websites. My responsibilities were categorized into three primary areas: WordPress development, content development, and site maintenance.

  1. WordPress Development:
    • Theme Installation and Customization: I chose and installed suitable WordPress theme to fulfill the design and functional requirements of this project. I customized the theme by adjusting CSS, HTML, and PHP files to fine-tune both the visual appeal and functionalities to meet specific project needs.
    • Plugin Integration and Management: I managed a broad selection of WordPress plugins to expand the website’s features, including SEO tools, and security enhancements. I ensured that these plugins were consistently updated and maintained to improve site functionality and security.
  2. Site Maintenance:
    • Routine Updates and Backups: I regularly performed updates for WordPress core, themes, and plugins to safeguard the website against vulnerabilities. I also managed backups consistently to ensure data was secure and could be quickly restored if necessary.
    • Security Monitoring and Enhancement: I monitored security protocols and implemented best practices such as installing security plugins, and setting up firewalls to protect the website from potential threats.
    • Performance Monitoring and Optimization: I routinely monitored and optimized website performance, focusing on speed and user experience. This included implementing strategies like caching, image optimization, and database optimization to ensure the website operated smoothly and efficiently.