I spearheaded a high-impact content partnership for Google Indonesia, aimed at bolstering user migration from Gmail to Google+. This strategic initiative involved close collaboration with key stakeholders across media, creative industries, and music sectors to deliver compelling content that resonated with a diverse user base.


  • Strategic Planning: Developed and executed a comprehensive content strategy that aligned with Google’s broader marketing goals, ensuring integration across various digital platforms.
  • Partnership Development: Cultivated and managed relationships with major media houses, influential creatives, and well-known musicians to craft unique content offerings. Negotiated partnership terms that maximized value for both Google and collaborating parties.
  • Content Oversight: Oversaw the production of engaging multimedia content, including videos, live streams, and interactive media, that effectively showcased the features of Google+. Ensured content quality and relevance to drive user engagement and platform adoption.
  • Cross-functional Leadership: Led a multidisciplinary team comprising marketing specialists, content developers, and external consultants. Coordinated efforts across departments to ensure seamless execution of the partnership strategy.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Monitored project performance through analytics tools to assess user engagement levels and conversion rates. Adjusted strategies in real-time to optimize outcomes, and prepared detailed reports for senior management to demonstrate project impact and ROI.


  • User Conversion: Successfully converted millions of Gmail users to Google+, significantly exceeding initial targets through strategic content dissemination and effective engagement tactics.
  • Innovative Campaigns: Launched several pioneering campaigns that leveraged cutting-edge digital marketing techniques, setting industry benchmarks for creativity and impact.
  • Award-Winning Content: Some of the content pieces received accolades for their innovative approach and effectiveness in driving digital transformation and user engagement.

Skills Developed:

  • Content Development: Enhanced proficiency in developing tailored content strategies that align with corporate goals and user preferences.
  • Partnership Management: Gained extensive experience in managing large-scale partnerships, including collaborative project management, and stakeholder communication.
  • Program Development: Advanced my abilities in conceptualizing and implementing complex programs that require coordination of multiple streams of work and alignment with strategic business objectives.


This project not only significantly boosted Google+’s user base but also reinforced Google’s presence in the Indonesian digital ecosystem. My role as Project Manager allowed me to develop a robust skill set in managing high-stakes partnerships and pioneering innovative content strategies, positioning me as a leader in digital program development.