I led a dynamic team in the development of a high-traffic website for Citilink, the third-largest Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) in Indonesia. This project was particularly challenging due to the scale and the high expectations for both performance and user experience.


  • Project Coordination: Oversaw all project phases from initial concept through to launch, ensuring seamless collaboration between client, designers and developers.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Acted as the primary liaison between internal teams and external stakeholders, including Citilink’s senior management, to ensure project alignment with business goals.
  • Resource Management: Managed budgeting, scheduling, and resource allocation to maximize efficiency and meet all project deadlines without compromising quality.


  • User Engagement: The website attracts 2.5 million unique users monthly, significantly enhancing brand exposure and customer engagement.
  • Enhanced Features: Implemented advanced features such as ticket booking, and customer service integrations to boost user satisfaction and functionality.
  • Increased Conversions: Played a key role in optimizing the website layout and content, which resulted in a marked improvement in conversion rates.

Skills Developed:

  • WordPress Expertise: Deepened skills in WordPress to customize functionalities and enhance site performance.
  • Project Management: Honed expertise in managing large-scale digital projects, focusing on continuous improvement processes.
  • Content Development: Strategized and supervised the creation of compelling content that aligns with the brand’s voice and SEO practices, driving increased traffic and user engagement.


This project not only solidified Citilink’s online presence but also set a new standard for digital innovation within the Indonesian airline industry. My role as a project manager allowed me to significantly develop my skills in leadership, technical project management, and creative problem-solving.